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navc502fhdi recording functions

navc502fhdi recording functions

Postby maxcroft222 » Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:43 pm

Hello , could someone please explain to me about the recording functions on this machine. navc502fhdi cost $59 It is mounted and working , and the little red led is flashing in the screen , telling me that it is recording. After a few mins the screen turns off. I am constantly turning it back on all the time .
Is the crash cam still recording , if not what do I have to do to keep it recording all the time while I am driving ?
I have it set to 720 p . and 5 min loops . { I don't fully understand the loop thing } and I have been in both menus and set it up as good as I can work out. It does in fact work as I have brought the device up to and connected it to my computer and watched some footage. I have heaps of space left on the micro sd card.
something is flashing all the time in the bottom right of the screen. while it is recording.
It is so tiny , I cant make out what it is , and can not find it in the manual provided.
I am a newbie to this machine , so could someone please help me and explain a few things, it would be greatly appreciated .. thanks t.c :D
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Re: navc502fhdi recording functions

Postby club_admin » Fri Jun 09, 2017 3:57 pm

Yes the crash cam is still recording but I would suggest turning off the "AUTO SCREEN OFF" function.

Loop recording will overwrite files once the memory is full so that the device can continue recording.

The bottom right of the screen normally shows a symbol indicating the device is being charged.
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